Top 7 Seat Cushions for Your Concept2 Rowing Machine

Seat Cushions for Concept2 Rowing Machine

When you have a Concept2 rowing machine, you're ready to get in the best shape of your life. All that's left now is a comfortable seat cushion so you can row without pain or discomfort.

There are so many options for seat cushions that finding the right one can be daunting.

The right seat cushion is not just comfortable but also improves your form.

Read on to discover the top seven seat cushions for the Concept2 rowing machine that you can consider today!

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1. Hornet Watersports Concept2 Seat Cushion

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The first seat cushion you should look at for the Concept2 rowing machine is this one manufactured by Hornet Watersports. It is highly rated on Amazon, so you can have a reliable seat pad for life when you buy this one.

When you are looking for a rowing seat pad for the Concept2, there are a few things to consider:

All these elements will aid in its ability to keep you comfortable while you work out. Remember, a comfortable seat pad could be the difference between a successful workout routine on the Concept2 and an unsuccessful routine.

When you work out via a rowing machine, it can get uncomfortable without the right pad beneath you. When you get uncomfortable, your form can be altered, and you can increase the likelihood of an injury.

About the Hornet Watersports Seat

So, what makes the Hornet Watersports Seat so important? It is a portable seat pad that is comfortable. It is designed to fit onto the Concept2.

Consider these other specs that make it a good choice for your next seat pad:

This seat pad is easily applied to your Concept2 rower. It can also fit most other rowing machines. Since it is portable and lightweight, it can be easily switched between machines wherever you are.

2. Vapor Fitness Yellow Silicone Concept2 Seat Cushion

Rowing Machine seat

The next option you should consider is the Vapor Fitness Yellow Silicone Seat Cushion. This seat pad first became available in 2015, and it is still a good, viable option for your Concept2 machine.

As Vapor Fitness suggests, the seat of a rowing machine can become flattened over time. It can get uncomfortable. You want a seat pad that will not diminish over time. This is where the Vapor Fitness Yellow Silicone Seat Pad comes in.

Consider some of these reasons why it is worth it to buy it:

That last point is important because if you find that your Vapor Fitness Yellow Silicone Seat does not meet your satisfaction, you can return it for a full refund.

About the Vapor Fitness Seat

The Vapor Fitness Yellow Silicone Seat has a lot going for it. These qualities are important when considering a seat pad for the Concept2 rowing machine.

If you need a seat pad for long distances and that is overall durable, this may be the right choice for you.

3. 2K Fit Rowing Machine Concept2 Seat Cushion

rowing seat
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The company 2K has several seat cushions for rowing machines. This one, which is called their “Model 1” is a great option if you have the Concept2 rowing machine. It has a medium thickness, which is a perfect balance between durability and comfort.

While they do have a thicker model, it is said that the medium thickness provides the same level of comfort as the “Model 2.”

Consider these points when thinking about the 2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion:

Since it is relatively cheap, it is a perfect addition to your Concept2 rowing machine.

About the 2K Fit Model 1 Seat

The 2K Fit “Model 1” Seat Pad has several features to look at. Consider the following:

When considering a new seat pad for your Concept2, this 2K Fit pad should be considered.

4. Hornet Anti-Slip Concept2 Seat Cushion

Anti slip seat
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One of the most important aspects of a good seat pad for the Concept2 rowing machine is how well it does with its anti-slip technology.

This seat, also created by Hornet Watersports, is a perfect seat pad if this is your top concern. Consider all the benefits of this seat pad:

If you are looking for an affordable seat pad for your Concept2 rowing machine that focuses on comfort and anti-slip technology, this could be your choice.

5. Kohree Rowing Machine Concept2 Seat Cushion

rowing seat pad

For a nominal price, you can purchase the Kohree rowing machine seat. This seat will work with the Concept2 rowing machine, so it is a great choice to consider.

This seat pad is easily washable, and it is three inches thick. That thickness, which comes from its memory foam, is perfect for keeping you comfortable throughout your workout.

Moreover, it is designed with adjustable straps, so you can be sure of the perfect fit for your rowing machine.

The Kohree rowing machine seat will help you with several issues that arise from using the Concept2 rowing machine, such as:

If you want a padded seat for your Concept2 rowing machine, this one manufactured by Kohree--highly rated at four and a half stars on Amazon--is a great option.

6. Hornet Watersports Memory Foam Concept2 Seat Cushion

rowing seat pad
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Hornet Watersports has several cushions for the Concept2 rowing machine. This one is one of their thickest offerings, and it uses memory foam to give you comfort throughout your exercise.

This memory foam cushion is quite inexpensive. As with other offerings by Hornet Watersports, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied there is no need to worry.

Consider the benefits of this memory foam cushion for the Concept2 rowing machine:

Consider this memory foam cushion when looking at seat pads for your Concept2 rowing machine.

7. Home & Rowe Rowing Machine Concept2 Seat Cushion

Rowing seat pad

The Home & Rowe rowing machine cushion pad is a lightweight and portable option to consider. It is inexpensive, yet highly rated.

What makes this one so good is its portable design. It can fit on the Concept2 rowing machine, but it can also fit most other rowing machines. Consider some of the other benefits of this seat pad.

This option should not be ignored as it is a viable option if you are looking for a lightweight and easily transported seat pad.

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