How to Connect Garmin to Concept2 PM5 Rowing Machine

Connect Garmin to Concept2 PM5 Rowing Machine

Garmin is a brand well-known for its sports accessories and equipment focused on making athlete-level training easier and faster. They design the best watches and devices for their users to ensure that the players can focus on their health while performing exercises. Although these watches and heart monitors are best for most workouts, fitness enthusiasts can use them for rowing exercises specifically. The following are some of the advantages of rowing exercises.

  • improve cardiovascular health
  • build muscle strength
  • develop endurance
  • engage your upper body and core
  • produce stamina
  • a great alternative to running

Garmin Devices

Garmin is a leading name, manufacturing fitness accessories for several decades now. It has been around for 30 years now and specializes in designing unique technology for health-conscious people. Its sports watches, especially the running watches, are a huge hit among its fans. The brand as a whole focuses on delivering three things to its customers in the long run. These include durability, quality, and accuracy.

Connect Garmin to Concept2 Rowing Machine

The Basic Garmin Devices

Even the most basic Garmin devices like the Forerunner 30 watch provide the users with essential information, including the average pace, average cadence, average moving pace, etc. People who use Garmin devices can use third-party applications like My Fitness Pal and Strava to ensure they have an effective health journey.

The best and the worst part about investing in Garmin is that there is a lot of variety. While this variety provides a lot of options, it can also mean more confusion for buyers too. They provide 6 basic products (for the sake of simplicity), which include Vivoactive, Vivosport, Forerunner, Fenix and Vivosmart, Vivofit Junior.

Garmin focuses on providing ease to its customers, which is why most of its devices easily pair with other machines for maximum output.

Do You Need Garmin Devices?

Garmin devices can help athletes in several ways to achieve their fitness goals. It includes providing constant monitoring of several bodily functions. Athletes can choose the “Broadcast Heart Rate” options and track their heartbeat during workout sessions.

Since most low-intensity workouts burn high calories, monitoring heart rates can help to a great extent. However, the best way to maximize your fitness progress is to connect your Garmin devices to the Concept 2 PM5 rowing machine. Don’t worry if you do not know how to do this because we will guide you in this post.

However, you may need an extra-long monorail if you have an inseam longer than this.

Besides, ensuring protection from online scams is important when buying a Garmin device. We have a few tips that you should consider before you buy a Garmin watch.

You will come across several sellers who claim to sell original Garmin watches, but that’s not always the case. Therefore, always choose reputable sources when you purchase your Garmin watch. The first step is researching on your own to make an informed decision. You should move on to the next step and check online reviews. These online reviews can tell you more about the customers’ experience with particular online sellers.

How to Connect Garmin Device to Concept 2 PM5 Rowing Machine?

As you can see, using a Garmin device with a Concept 2 PM5 rowing machine can help you reap better results. But finding the right way to connect the device is difficult for most users.

People who own watches like Forerunner 235 Vivoactive HR/HR+ fēnix® 5fēnix® 3 etc., can broadcast their heartbeats on their Garmin device by connecting it to the PM5 rowing machine. Keep in mind that using this feature affects your battery life.

Connecting the Garmin devices to the PM5 rowing machine is simple if you do it right. All you need to do is follow these steps to ensure that your device and machine stay connected.

Heart Rate Data Garmin for rowing

Displaying Heart Rate Data on Garmin Devices

  1. Open the heartbeat widget and hold MENU
  2. Select options, and head to Broadcast Heart Rate (keep in mind that you can view the heartbeat widget only when broadcasting heart rate data from the widget).
  3. Pair your Garmin devices as per their specific requirements and guidelines that you can find on the manual or how-to guides.

However, you may need to connect your Garmin devices without a USB drive in some situations. Don’t worry, as the process is simple and easy to follow.

Pairing without a USB Flash Drive

  1. Start by turning your watch on by pressing any button on the power monitor.
  2. Look for the “More Options” display on the screen and select it.
  3. Select “Connect Heart Rate;” the Garmin device will show the identification information within 10-15 seconds. The general identification information can include brand/model information/ or a model number for the device.
  4. Choose your watch ID and tap on connect.
  5. Select Confirm and pair your device

Pairing with A Flash Drive

If you need to pair your Garmin device with a flash drive, then follow these steps.

  1. Hit any button on the Performance Monitor and turn your Garmin device on.
  2. Insert your USB flash drive and wait for the welcome screen to appear. You need to wait until you see your user name and then move to the next step.
  3. Find the main menu and access “More Options.
  4. Tap on “Connect Heart Rate,” and the device will display identification information within 10-15 seconds. The identification information may include your brand/mode or user name, depending on what is available.
  5. Select an ID corresponding to your watch.
  6. Ensure selecting the “Remember Belt” option to save your watch ID on the USB flash drive so the Performance Monitor detects your watch in the future. This way, you do not have to repeat the whole process every time.

Garmin Connectivity

Garmin focuses primarily on making connectivity easy, so it has a little something for everyone. Having multiple connection options, as we mentioned above, can make it easier for users to connect their devices, view their heartbeat, and make the most out of their fitness journey.

Concept2 Garmin Connect

Garmin understands and focuses on providing ease and feasibility to its users to make their fitness journey enjoyable and more effective. Garmin Connect is a platform, an online community that lets users add their accounts to the application. They can use it to track and analyze their health and fitness activities. It displays all important data so you can view them easily, allowing you to track your fitness progress.

You can customize what you want to view on the app and view weekly, monthly and annual progress in a comprehensive way. It also lets you connect with friends who own a Garmin device and displays physical training accomplishments as badges on the app. You can choose different methods to record and share data to avoid duplication.

Row Indoor

Several Garmin watches have the row indoor option that lets users see basic stroke rate and time-related data, but it does not connect to the PM5 monitor. So, using ErgData is a better option if you need detailed information about your workout.

Erg Data

The Concept 2 logbook is the easiest way to share all your workouts on Garmin Connect. Your meters continue to count towards challenges when you include your workouts in the logbook. You can even share your log information online over to Garmin Connect. You can find this option in the applications section under your Concept2 logbook.

Using Erg Data on your mobile to note your workout progress and information is quite effective. You can share the rich data across platforms and record your workouts while syncing them to the Concept2 Logbook. You can do all of this with the push of a button. However, connecting your Garmin devices to a Concept 2 PM5 rowing machine is difficult for some users. In this case, you can try the methods discussed above.

Is Buying A Garmin Watch Worth It?

The main question is should someone invest their money in a Garmin Watch? The answer is yes. Connecting your Garmin to your Concept2 PM5 rowing machine is a smart solution to your workout needs while keeping your heart rate in check. You can use it for outdoor navigation, physical training, and much more if you know how to use its full features.


You will never regret investing money in a quality Garmin watch. Additionally, Garmin will surely make your fitness goals easier to achieve and accomplish. We hope this guide helps you understand how to connect your rowing machine and your Garmin devices. You can learn more about these Garmin watches and Concept 2 PM5 rowing machines and get more tips on how to use the two to your advantage. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully!

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